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For Brides & Grooms Who Love Camping...

A Beautiful Wedding Venue & Rustic Guest Accommodations All In One

Rustic Fairy Tale Wedding
Rustic Wedding Camping Honeymoon

A Wedding Weekend to Remember

The Treehouse Camp has hosted dozens of unique and magical weddings over the years.

When you book the whole Campground, you can have a private event from 2 p.m. on Friday to 12 noon on Sunday, and enjoy the extended time with family and friends, as well as the relaxation of camping.

We only do Whole Campground Bookings for private weddings, as we found otherwise weddings and other people camping don't mesh... most campers come for a quiet experience in the woods, and weddings need to be festive.

What you get:

Have Fun with It

We have seen casual weddings, and relatively more elegant weddings, but it will always be a primarily rustic, outdoor event. We have had fairy tale weddings, Halloween themed weddings, and super-hero costumed weddings! We have had wedding tents with waiters and caterers, or, just plain bbq and buffet. It is up to your own imagination how you would like to create it.

Tierra & Bradley’s Magical Wedding
Photo credit: Love Charm Photo
Visit their blog for more photos from this wedding
D & M Halloween Wedding
Photo credit: L Hewitt Photography

Non-camping Guests

Often, not all wedding guests and family members are campers. There are a few hotels near Harper's Ferry, and if a certain number of rooms are booked, they will shuttle guests to and from the Campground, back to the hotel later in the evening, so no one has to celebrate and drive back to the hotel.

Enjoy a Peaceful Evening

We can relax our nighttime quiet hours, but have to reduce amplified music at 11 p.m. in consideration of our neighborhood. Acoustic music and loud talking can continue into the night.

On a Budget?

Often the bride and groom create a website and guests can donate as they want to the venue, food, drink, and honeymoon, and this can make the event very affordable. How you set it up is completely up to you, we will do our best to help in whatever ways we can.

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